The Defector
2009   The Defector

The Defector is a feature length documentary about Victor Kravchenko, the famous Communist defector who wrote I Chose Freedom.

The Defector is the extraordinary story of one man’s struggle, sacrifice, and triumph to bring truth to the world.

Almost forgotten in the United States today, and written out of history in  Russia,  Victor Kravchenko was the Oscar Schindler of the  Soviet Union, a man willing to risk his life, his family, and all his financial resources to expose the ruthless tyranny of Josef Stalin.  One of the great whistleblowers of modern history, Kravchenko has inspired two generations of men and women who have battled against Soviet communism, from the gulags of Siberia to the streets of Budapest and Prague, and most recently, Kyiv.   The Defector is the epic story of this struggle as seen through the eyes of his son Andrew, who only discovered at the age of 13 that he was Victor’s son

Currently in post production.