With a Wave of the Wand
1980   With a Wave of the Wand Cover

Marlee Philips thinks her life could't be worse. After all, she has the meanest fifth grade teacher of all time. But then her parents have a terrible argument, her dad walks out, and her mom tells her that they're getting a divorce....

“Harris shows the difference between a novel and a case study to be vivid detail…Unlike many problem novels on divorce, this involves a situation not kept at the ‘typical’ level but made real by particular detail… The smooth language, characterization, and buildup of events will have children reading this…right to the affecting conclusion.”
-ALA Booklist

“ A readable book that won’t sit on any shelves once the fans of Mazer’s I, Trissy and Blume’s It’s Not the End of the World pounce on it.” 
-School Library Journal

" Dialog, characters, emotions - all ring true."
-Los Angeles Times

A Children's Choice Selection of the International Reading Association.