Come the Morning
1989, New Edition 2005   Come the Morning cover

“Like Adrienne Jones’ Street Family, Come the Morning chronicles the lives of the homeless in Los Angeles.  This time, however, the subjects are a mother and three children, ages 3, 9, and 13, who’ve come from El Paso in search of the husband and father who deserted them several months earlier…Harris’ portrayals of the Gibsons and of others who interact with them are often detailed and moving.  The message is an optimistic one: hope is possible if we care about one another.”
-School Library Journal

“It’s a challenge to steer kids over 12 to books you’d like them to read—like Come the Morning by Mark Jonathan Harris, a novel that successfully tackles a tough subject: homelessness…the story is told with gritty realism that does allow a glimmer of hope—but not much more than that –at the end.  Harris is to be applauded for his effort; he doesn’t flinch,  although reader will. And should.”
-Los Angeles Times   

“Will long remain in the reader’s mind…a wrenching picture of a formerly self-sufficient family that now finds itself among the ranks of the homeless.”
-The Horn Book

FOCAL Award for Best California Children's Book, 1990