Confessions of a Prime Time Kid
1985             Confessions Cover

Meg Muldaur had everything - looks, charm, and a big TV contract. As "Carrie," the lovable brat on thr popular show The Kid and the Cabbie, she was adored by millions from coast to coast. And at home Meg Muldaur was just a regular happy kid - according to all the media stories. Wow was that ever a lie!

"Meg’s story is too engrossing to put down.” 
-Los Angeles Times

“Harris has written a fascinating story of the life of a child actor, treating stage mothers, agents and television producers sympathetically.  Meg is such a likable, honest character that the reader forgets that this is fiction, not an autobiography.  The fan letters, interview excerpts, and bits of script inserted between the chapters give a view of the realities of the glamorous life of a ‘prime time kid.’”

A Weekly Reader Book Club Selection